Dave's Journal, Feb2018


That's Venus, the planet, taken by the Japanese Venus Orbiter. Isn't that pretty ?

Went to my first meeting last night of deaf people with cochlear implants. Just getting the group started - 4 of us showed up plus 4 of the hospital audiology staff. It went well. We all have similar stories. I am the only one so far with the new small design; the others have had implants for at least 5 years. One lady, for at least 20 years.

Going to check out hearingloss.org and aldaboston.org websites for conferences and exhibits and stuff.

Also (God save the Queen) am going to get a Facebook account to read this new group's web page.

I like Canadians. They are pleasant, inoffensive people who don't take themselves too too seriously.

I like their prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Seems like a pleasant, inoffensive person who doesn't take himself too too seriously.

But this is getting silly, if not downright absurd.

Some lady, in a meeting, used the word "mankind", and he corrected her to use the word "peoplekind" because it is "more inclusive". The audience applauded.

Come on guys, cut the sh#t.

In the news: last week, some drunk driver caused an accident that killed a famous football player. The drunk turns out to be an illegal (or undocumented?) immigrant, and people are politicizing this event to support Washington's "deport the immigrants" policies.

No one brings up the fact that every year 10,265 people are killed by drunk drivers in the US. I don't have the legal statistics, but I'd wager my shoes that 99.9% of these deaths are caused by drunk US citizens.

Come on guys, cut the sh#t.



That is Elon Musk's personal car (a red Tesla, of course), and it is right now, out in space on its way to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. (That is a dummy in the car.) This is not a joke! They are live streaming videos from the rocket onto Youtube. It will take months to get out there.

I am in awe. This guy is incredible.

YouTube live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2p55BmwmJM

Here's me fooling with a macro setup today.

That knob is 1" diameter.


Re-Applying for US Citizenship

Ocassionally, in the business world and in government, people are fired in groups and told "If you want your job back, apply for it". This kind of "cleans house" and "freshens up the team" and "gets rid of the deadbeats".

So .... regarding the topic of who should get deported from the US, I think we should extend this practice to citizenship. Instead of deporting "illegal" and "undocumented" people, every (let's say) 10 years, we revoked *everyone's* US citizenship and require everyone to reapply for it.

If you have been working steady, contributing to society, staying out of trouble, paying taxes, etc etc etc .... you get your license renewed for another 10 years.

If you have been leaching off the system, breaking laws, degrading society etc etc etc .... you get barged.

"Barged" - you get put on a garbage barge, tugged out to international waters, tattoo'd "REJECT" and declared an "outlaw". Should you ever show up back on US soil, the law does not protect you or ensure your safety.

New immigrants are simply put on "probation" for a few years, to see how they behave, then they fall in line with the rest of us and reapply as necessary.

Works for me.

Changing 2 front wheels in 1.92 seconds.
(Remember this next time you're reading
outdated magazines at the tire shop.)

jpg Every now and then, I re-stumble on my digital copies of dad's old 8mm films. Still can't decide what exactly to do with them (the digital files - they are large).

I do like making little GIF clips just to stay in practice. There's mom, sometime around 1950 I think.

I am a very sloppy keeper of photos and films. Somewhere down here is every image I ever possessed, but don't ask me to find it. I kind of like the adventure of digging through files and boxes, even though I complain while doing it.

Another shot of nostalgia . . . .

(It's been repainted and lost it's rockers, but I still have it!)


Yikes, I just found this too (1948).


Shadow of the Thin Man [Dick Powell, Myrna Loy].
The two posh New Yorkers go to a wresting match, and Nora gets into it ....


They were magic in that series of films.

As they get on the school bus ...."Bye Mom, Bye Dad"
has a whole new meaning now


After the Sandy Hook School mass shooting, when we got over seeing a pile of dead school kids and our lives moved on, that pretty much killed any hope of stricter gun control laws. We've accepted mass shootings as a natural part of our society. All the "our hearts and prayers go out to ...." speeches and FB posting are just bullsh#t so we can tell ourselves that we care. This is what we've turned our country into, and what we ourselves have become.

New Glass Doors - why did we wait so long ?


Root Beer. Specifically Capt'n Eli's Root Beer

jpg Root beer is not on any health food diets. It's typically loaded with sugar and, of course, is gassy (if that's a problem? ).

I love the stuff, and locally we can easily get Dominion, IBC, Stuart's and Capt'n Eli's. I rank these in this order: OK, GOOD, REALLY GOOD, FABULOUS.

Capt'n Eli's is the sweetest. The only batch I ever made at home, I put in, by mistake, twice the amount of brown suger - and that's what Capt'n Eli's takes like.

Back a few years, I wrote a flash fiction page on the topic:

The World's Finest Keg of Root Beer.

My Favorite Chair .... But I Never Get To Sit In It !

This time is Lexie, but often it's Abby sitting in it.


I have 5 T&J DVD's and they still crack me up. The cartoonists must have laughed all day, making this stuff up.




A very much overlooked movie with a supreme perfomance by Val Kilmer (completely ignored by the gods of Hollywood). It has many of these short dramatic punchline scenes.